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All orders made between now till 9/24 will be completed after we get back (from Anime Weekend Atlanta) ! Thanks for your patience <3

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USPS has a new policy where we can't ship anything internationally outside of the USA that isn't a document using "first class international mail" services, so we've unfortunately had to raise the prices to match what USPS is now charging. :( Any orders made prior to this date will still be shipped out, and we'll pay the difference. We're very sorry to our international customers that have to pay the increased cost, so going forward, we're throwing in 3-5 small random freebies for every international order with increased shipping based on the order size!

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Welcome!( ・∀・)We are two artists, Hyde and Melan, who used to individually run our own stores. Now, we've become a joint store with all our merchandise and art in one place, saving you money on combined shipping! We also provide custom digital art commissions, which open seasonally with limited slots.

Suggestion Box?
We've had many people asking for custom charms of specific characters. Unfortunately, we can't offer customs, but we do take suggestions or requests for characters and consider the series that get asked for the most! If you'd like, shoot us a conversation with what characters you just absolutely would love a charm of, and we'll add it to our to-draw list for consideration! (New charms take a few months minimally to draw, create, and make, though!)

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns. Thanks for visiting!

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