Hideaway Melon

Black & White Deluxe Strap Upgrade w/ Bell (for charms)

0.25 USD / In stock.
This listing is to REPLACE the default strap on a charm with a black and white braided deluxe strap + black bell! These straps are guaranteed to be more durable than our colorful ones, which are more delicate.

Purchase however many of these you need (1 for each charm you want changed), and I will send your order with the upgraded phone straps. Please specify in your checkout note which upgrades are for which charms.

Please note that dust plugs do not fit regularly on the "Deluxe Strap" upgrade and will instead be attached to the ring portion OR separate. Let us know if you have a preference.

**THIS IS AN UPGRADE ITEM ONLY FOR PHONE STRAP CHARMS FROM OUR STORE. Charm NOT included. Shipping is free if you add it to your charm order. Otherwise, you will be charged for first class shipping.**