Hideaway Melon

Litten, Rowlet, Popplio, Ice Vulpix, Rockruff (Pok

10 USD / In stock.
Charms from our guest artist Paperpuffs!

This listing is for reversible Pokemon Sun and Moon phone strap charms. They are professionally printed directly on durable CLEAR acrylic, double-sided, and come with an attached phone strap. Each measures roughly 1.5 inches in height.

Buy all 5 for the set discount of $40!

Size: ~1.5 inches
Material: Clear Acrylic
Attached: Phone Strap

For additional attachment options, check out our shop's "Charm Upgrades" section!


This listing features our original, digitally-drawn artwork. Please do not steal, reuse, or claim artwork as your own for any reason. For more from this artist, visit her gallery at paperfleece.deviantart.com.

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