Hideaway Melon

Zero Two 11"x17" Poster Print

12 USD / In stock.
11"x17" poster print of 02 from Darling in the Franxx!

Printed on #100 gloss text paper. Posters ship in 2"x12" premium kraft mailing tubes with 0.60" thickness or large rigid kraft mailing envelopes.

Note: Shipping costs for posters are higher to account for additional combined items. If additional item(s) are purchased with posters, your item(s) will be shipped in a cardboard box with the mailing tube for posters in the box.


This listing features our original, digitally-drawn artwork. Please do not steal, reuse, or claim artwork as your own for any reason. For more from this artist, visit Hyde's gallery at hyde-draws.tumblr.com.

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